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Prewitt Reservoir State Wildlife Area - details
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Prewitt Reservoir State Wildlife Area
AKA: Prewitt Reservoir SWA
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Prewitt Reservoir State Wildlife Area has the following information available:
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Information about Prewitt Reservoir State Wildlife Area
Latitude: 40.41924
Longitude: -103.36776
Elevation: 4087 ft. (1245 meters)
Prewitt Reservoir State Wildlife Area is located in Washington county Colorado.

From Interstate 76 and the Merino Colorado Exit (Exit 102), go 1 mile north to Highway 6, then 3.3 miles northeast to property entrance.

Prewitt Reservoir State Wildlife Area is approximately 3.047 acres (0.00 sq. miles or 0.01 sq. kilometers) and ranges from 4,057 ft to 4,109 ft in elevation.

This State Wildlife Area offers the following recreational activities:
- Fishing: channel catfish, walleye and wiper.
- Hunting: deer, pheasant, bobwhite quail, duck and goose.
- Recreation: hunting, fishing, camping and wildlife viewing.
- Restrictions:
   a. Boating prohibited if it creates a whitewater wake/ Boating prohibited October 1 through last day of regular goose season, except hand-propelled craft used to set and pick up decoys and retrieve downed waterfowl.
   b. Camping, fires prohibited as posted.
   c. Fishing allowed only from dam October 1 through last day of waterfowl season. Ice fishing allowed only within 50 yards of dam.
   d. Vehicles limited to 250.
   e. Waterskiing, glass beverage containers prohibited. Sailing, windsurfing prohibited except in July and August.
   f. Hunting prohibited as posted. Hunting prohibited from floating devices.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife has a Printable Map of this State Wildlife Area.

NOTE: Information changes frequently and may not all be current. Users of State Wildlife Areas (SWAs) are reminded to check current hunting, fishing, trapping and land use regulations when planning to use an area for any purpose. Refer to the State Wildlife Area Property Brochure, as well as the Fishing and Hunting Regulation Brochures off the Regulations Brochures page. Also see Chapter 9, off the Regulations page, which has the most up-to-date Division property information, as changes occur numerous times per year.

This property is managed by the Brush Office
122 East Edison
Brush, CO 80723
(970) 842-6300

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Map of Prewitt Reservoir State Wildlife Area
Boat Ramp


Please note: All Markers, Trails/Paths, and Boundaries are for reference purposes only, and may not depict the exact location, trail or boundaries.

Amenities for Prewitt Reservoir State Wildlife Area
Below are the Amenities offered at Prewitt Reservoir State Wildlife Area.

Tent campgrounds Tent campgrounds
Wiper (Bass) Wiper (Bass)
Channel Catfish Channel Catfish
Walleye Walleye
Deer hunting Deer hunting
Dove hunting Dove hunting
Duck hunting Duck hunting
Goose hunting Goose hunting

Pheasant hunting Pheasant hunting
Quail hunting Quail hunting
Small game hunting Small game hunting

Other Amenities
Restrooms Restrooms
Wildlife viewing Wildlife viewing
Water Sports Related
Boat Ramp Boat Ramp
Fishing Fishing
Sun and Moon information for Prewitt Reservoir State Wildlife Area
Sunrise Information Sunset Information Moon Information
Dawn: 5:38 AM
Sunrise: 6:06 AM
Sunset: 7:48 PM
Dusk: 8:17 PM

Moonrise: 1:04 PM
Moonset: 11:50 PM
Moon Phase: 44.26 % Illuminated
Moon Phase: between Waxing Crest and First Quarter
Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise and Moonset times are approximates
for "Mountain Standard Time" for "17-Aug-2018"

 Below are Sun and Moon information for the next seven days for 'Prewitt Reservoir State Wildlife Area':
Info for:
Dawn: 05:39 AM
Sunrise: 06:07 AM
Sunset: 07:47 PM
Dusk: 08:15 PM

Moon Illumination:
54 %

Best Hunting:
06:14 PM
08:14 PM
- and -
05:49 AM
07:49 AM

Best Fishing:
09:44 PM
11:44 PM
- and -
09:19 AM
11:19 AM
Info for:
Dawn: 05:40 AM
Sunrise: 06:08 AM
Sunset: 07:45 PM
Dusk: 08:14 PM

Moon Illumination:
64 %

Best Hunting:
07:03 PM
09:03 PM
- and -
06:38 AM
08:38 AM

Best Fishing:
10:33 PM
12:33 AM
- and -
10:08 AM
12:08 PM
Info for:
Dawn: 05:41 AM
Sunrise: 06:09 AM
Sunset: 07:44 PM
Dusk: 08:12 PM

Moon Illumination:
73 %

Best Hunting:
07:53 PM
09:53 PM
- and -
07:28 AM
09:28 AM

Best Fishing:
11:23 PM
01:23 AM
- and -
10:58 AM
12:58 PM
Info for:
Dawn: 05:42 AM
Sunrise: 06:10 AM
Sunset: 07:42 PM
Dusk: 08:11 PM

Moon Illumination:
81 %

Best Hunting:
08:42 PM
10:42 PM
- and -
08:17 AM
10:17 AM

Best Fishing:
12:12 AM
02:12 AM
- and -
11:47 AM
01:47 PM
Info for:
Dawn: 05:43 AM
Sunrise: 06:11 AM
Sunset: 07:41 PM
Dusk: 08:09 PM

Moon Illumination:
88 %

Best Hunting:
09:31 PM
11:31 PM
- and -
09:06 AM
11:06 AM

Best Fishing:
01:01 AM
03:01 AM
- and -
12:36 PM
02:36 PM
Info for:
Dawn: 05:44 AM
Sunrise: 06:12 AM
Sunset: 07:39 PM
Dusk: 08:08 PM

Moon Illumination:
93 %

Best Hunting:
10:19 PM
12:19 AM
- and -
09:54 AM
11:54 AM

Best Fishing:
01:49 AM
03:49 AM
- and -
01:24 PM
03:24 PM
Info for:
Dawn: 05:45 AM
Sunrise: 06:13 AM
Sunset: 07:38 PM
Dusk: 08:06 PM

Moon Illumination:
97 %

Best Hunting:
11:06 PM
01:06 AM
- and -
11:31 AM
01:31 PM

Best Fishing:
02:36 AM
04:36 AM
- and -
03:01 PM
05:01 PM
Weather Information for Prewitt Reservoir State Wildlife Area
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