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Delaney Butte Lakes State Wildlife Area - details
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Delaney Butte Lakes State Wildlife Area
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Delaney Butte Lakes State Wildlife Area has the following information available:
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Information about Delaney Butte Lakes State Wildlife Area
Latitude: 40.70830
Longitude: -106.47194
Elevation: 8198 ft. (2498 meters)
Delaney Butte Lakes State Wildlife Area is located in Jackson county Colorado.

From Walden Colorado, go .5 mile west on Highway 14 to County Road 12W, then go 5.3 miles west to County Road 18, then west 4.5 miles to County Road 5, then .5 mil north to property.

Delaney Butte Lakes State Wildlife Area is approximately 2,457 acres (3.84 sq. miles or 9.94 sq. kilometers) and ranges from 8,111 ft to 9,311 ft in elevation.

This State Wildlife Area offers the following recreational activities:
- Fishing: rainbow trout, brook trout, brown trout and cutthroat trout.
- Hunting: deer, duck, goose and small game.
- Recreation: hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing.
- Restrictions:
   a. Boating prohibited if it creates a whitewater wake.
   b. Sailboats prohibited.

The Colorado Division of Wildlife has a Printable Map of this State Wildlife Area.

NOTE: Information changes frequently and may not all be current. Users of State Wildlife Areas (SWAs) are reminded to check current hunting, fishing, trapping and land use regulations when planning to use an area for any purpose. Refer to the State Wildlife Area Property Brochure, as well as the Fishing and Hunting Regulation Brochures off the Regulations Brochures page. Also see Chapter 9, off the Regulations page, which has the most up-to-date Division property information, as changes occur numerous times per year.

Delaney Butte Lakes SWA is owned and managed by the Colorado Division of Wildlife as a high quality sport fishery and big game habitat area. Included in this 2132 acre area are three lakes managed to provide an exceptional fishing experience with a variety of trout species.

Last updated: 1/08 EAST DELANEY BUTTE LAKE: provides trout averaging 13-14 inches and one pound, up to 20 inches and 4 pounds and also provides the highest catch rate of the three lakes. The lake is stocked with 7500 rainbow trout fingerlings,7500 Snake River cutthroat trout fingerlings and 5,000 brook trout fingerlings each year. Fishing is limited to artificial flies and lures only. The maximum surface acreage is 65, maximum depth is 34 feet, average depth is 10-12 feet. Rainbows and Cutthroats 18-22 inches long must be returned to water immediately. Daily bag and possession limit is 2 fish for all three lakes combined.

NORTH DELANEY BUTTE LAKE: (205 acres) is one of only two Gold Medal Lakes in Colorado (the other is Spinney Mountain Reservoir in South Park). This lake is managed as a wild brown trout egg source for the entire state, providing a million plus eggs each year. Fishing regulations for this lake are intended to protect brown trout in the 14 to 20 inch range. Trout in these size and age classes are prime spawners and provide the bulk of the brown trout eggs taken in the DOW's spawn-taking operation each fall. To take advantage of the lake's high productivity North Delaney Butte Lake is stocked with 31,000 brown trout fingerlings and 3,000 rainbow trout fingerlings each year. Anglers may catch trout up to 25 inches in length, weighing from one to eight pounds. When filled completely North Delaney Butte Lake has 260 surface acres; maximum depth is 30 feet; average depth is 12-15 feet.Fishing on this lake is by artificial flies and lures only. All brown trout caught between 14 and 20 inches must be returned to the water immediately. Daily bag and possession limit is 2 fish for all three lakes combined. Rainbows and Cutthroats 18-22 inches long must be returned to water immediately.

SOUTH DELANEY BUTTE LAKE: (150 acres) is stocked with 15,000 rainbow trout fingerlings and 15,000 Snake River cutthroat trout fingerlings each year. Fish average 14-16 inches, however trout up to 22 inches and 4 pounds are taken in subsequent years. Daily bag and possession limit is 2 fish for all three lakes combined. At maximum the lake is 56 surface acres; maximum depth is 26 feet, average depth is 10-12 feet. Rainbows and Cutthroats 18-22 inches long must be returned to water immediately.

FISHING HINTS and TIPS: The best fishing at Delaney Butte Lakes is just after ice-off (late April) through June and again in September and October. In the spring, fish stocked the previous year are vulnerable in the south and east lakes. Then in early fall brown trout lurk the shorelines of the North Lake. During the midsummer months, fish are found in the deeper water just outside the large weed beds which lie just offshore. Matching evening hatches or using weighted nymphs are your best bet. Remember, once you keep two fish from any lake your daily bag and possession limit is filled for that lake for that day. You may fish that same lake again the next day ONLY if you have eaten one or both of the fish you caught the previous day. "Possession Limit" means the maximum number of fish which may legally be in the possession of any one person.

CATCH AND RELEASE: Because of the quality of fishing in these lakes, the variety of sizes of the trout and the size restrictions on North Delaney Butte Lake brown trout, knowing the proper way to release trout is essential. More and more anglers are adopting the catch and release philosophy to insure better fishing in the future. To encourage that philosophy the following techniques are recommended:
    1. Playing a fish to total exhaustion often results in the fish's death. Reel in a hooked fish and release it back into the water as quickly as possible.
    2. If possible release the fish without taking it out of the water, using needle-nose pliers to remove or disengorge the hook. If you must handle the fish, wet your hands first to protect the fish's mucous coating.
    3. When removing hooks be gentle and always reach through the fish's mouth and not through the gills.
    4. A fish that is deep hooked or hooked in the body should be released by cutting the line as close to the hook as possible. The hook will dissolve over a period of time.
    5. Except when fish are of a size where they cannot be kept (brown trout 14-18 inches in the North Lake) fish that are deep hooked should be kept because of the high mortality rate. This is especially true of fish caught on bait at the South Lake.
    6. The proper method of reviving spent fish is to gently lower the fish into the water, supporting it in an upright position until the fish recovers and swims away on its own.
FISHING VIOLATIONS-SPORTSMAN'S WATCH AREA: As a result of the quality of fishing provided by these lakes and the special regulations required to maintain that quality the violation rate is extremely high. These violations have a significant effect on the future of your fishing by depleting the number of trout that can grow to larger sizes. These violations usually involve over bag and possession limits, catching trout for other people, use of bait on the North and East lakes, illegal night fishing, and possession of under-size trout. Division of Wildlife personnel spend a great deal of time in the area on high visibility and undercover law enforcement. However DOW enforcement personnel still depend on your cooperation in apprehending violators. Following are ways that you can help protect your fishery:
    1. Politely tell anglers you see violating regulations that they are doing so, but avoid any confrontations.
    2. Write down a description of those in violation, including a vehicle description, license plate numbers and the nature of the violation.
    3. Report these violations as quickly as possible by:
      a. Calling the Jackson County Sheriff's office in Walden, Phone Number 723-4296.
      b. Flagging down any Division of Wildlife vehicle you may see while fishing at Delaney Buttes.
      c. Calling the Division of Wildlife's Operation Game Thief numbers; 825-4078 in the Denver/Metro area; 1-800-332-4155 (Toll-free) outside of Denver.
Rewards of $100 to $1000 are offered for information leading to the arrest of violators.

Sheriff's Office: Jackson County, (970) 723-4242.

This property is managed by the Steamboat Springs Office
925 Weiss Drive
P.O. Box 775777
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
(970) 870-2197

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Map of Delaney Butte Lakes State Wildlife Area
Boat Ramp

Interpretive Trail
Ranger Station

Watchable Wildlife

Hiking Trail

Please note: All Markers, Trails/Paths, and Boundaries are for reference purposes only, and may not depict the exact location, trail or boundaries.

Amenities for Delaney Butte Lakes State Wildlife Area
Below are the Amenities offered at Delaney Butte Lakes State Wildlife Area.

Tent campgrounds Tent campgrounds
Brook Trout Brook Trout
Brown Trout Brown Trout
Cutthroat Trout Cutthroat Trout
Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout
Deer hunting Deer hunting
Duck hunting Duck hunting
Goose hunting Goose hunting
Small game hunting Small game hunting
Other Amenities
Hiking Trails Hiking Trails
Picnic area Picnic area
Restrooms Restrooms
Wildlife viewing Wildlife viewing
Water Sports Related
Fishing Fishing
Sun and Moon information for Delaney Butte Lakes State Wildlife Area
Sunrise Information Sunset Information Moon Information
Dawn: 6:40 AM
Sunrise: 7:08 AM
Sunset: 7:19 PM
Dusk: 7:47 PM

Moonrise: 9:47 AM
Moonset: 11:58 PM
Moon Phase: 19.61 % Illuminated
Moon Phase: between New Moon and Waxing Crest
Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise and Moonset times are approximates
for "Mountain Standard Time" for "21-Mar-2018"

 Below are Sun and Moon information for the next seven days for 'Delaney Butte Lakes State Wildlife Area':
Info for:
Dawn: 06:38 AM
Sunrise: 07:06 AM
Sunset: 07:20 PM
Dusk: 07:48 PM

Moon Illumination:
29 %

Best Hunting:
04:46 PM
06:46 PM
- and -
04:21 AM
06:21 AM

Best Fishing:
08:16 PM
10:16 PM
- and -
07:51 AM
09:51 AM
Info for:
Dawn: 06:37 AM
Sunrise: 07:04 AM
Sunset: 07:22 PM
Dusk: 07:49 PM

Moon Illumination:
40 %

Best Hunting:
05:41 PM
07:41 PM
- and -
05:16 AM
07:16 AM

Best Fishing:
09:11 PM
11:11 PM
- and -
08:46 AM
10:46 AM
Info for:
Dawn: 06:35 AM
Sunrise: 07:03 AM
Sunset: 07:23 PM
Dusk: 07:50 PM

Moon Illumination:
51 %

Best Hunting:
06:38 PM
08:38 PM
- and -
06:13 AM
08:13 AM

Best Fishing:
10:08 PM
12:08 AM
- and -
09:43 AM
11:43 AM
Info for:
Dawn: 06:33 AM
Sunrise: 07:01 AM
Sunset: 07:24 PM
Dusk: 07:51 PM

Moon Illumination:
63 %

Best Hunting:
07:35 PM
09:35 PM
- and -
07:10 AM
09:10 AM

Best Fishing:
11:05 PM
01:05 AM
- and -
10:40 AM
12:40 PM
Info for:
Dawn: 06:32 AM
Sunrise: 06:59 AM
Sunset: 07:25 PM
Dusk: 07:52 PM

Moon Illumination:
73 %

Best Hunting:
08:31 PM
10:31 PM
- and -
08:06 AM
10:06 AM

Best Fishing:
12:01 AM
02:01 AM
- and -
11:36 AM
01:36 PM
Info for:
Dawn: 06:30 AM
Sunrise: 06:58 AM
Sunset: 07:26 PM
Dusk: 07:53 PM

Moon Illumination:
83 %

Best Hunting:
09:26 PM
11:26 PM
- and -
09:01 AM
11:01 AM

Best Fishing:
12:56 AM
02:56 AM
- and -
12:31 PM
02:31 PM
Info for:
Dawn: 06:28 AM
Sunrise: 06:56 AM
Sunset: 07:27 PM
Dusk: 07:54 PM

Moon Illumination:
90 %

Best Hunting:
10:20 PM
12:20 AM
- and -
09:55 AM
11:55 AM

Best Fishing:
01:50 AM
03:50 AM
- and -
01:25 PM
03:25 PM
Weather Information for Delaney Butte Lakes State Wildlife Area
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